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仕入れはINDEPENDENT SOUNDのJUNYAが担当。1999~2004年の5年間、渋谷のCisco Reggae店に勤務し培った知識と、15年以上セレクターとして活動して来た経験がベースになっているため、商品構成はコレクター向けというより、どちらかというとセレクター向けのセレクションになっています。



We, Tings & Time Records is a Jamaica-based vintage / used records webstore. 
(We are of Japanese origin.)  We have resided here in Kingston Jamaica over 7 years.

Junya from INDEPENDENT UNCHAINED SOUND is the owner and in charge of buying, who used to work for CISCO Reggae store in Shibuya for 5 years and has experience as a sound man over 15 years.

We offer not only vinyl records also Jamaican groceries such as Jerk Seasonings, Pepper Sauce, Ackee (in a tin) and Blue Mountain Coffee.  Upon request we ship anything out to you.  (only legal stuff though!)

If you have any question about our merchandises, stuff you are looking for and Jamaica, please do not hesitate to ask us! e-mail
* Shipment has been done at Tokyo Japan since September 2015.

Tings & Time Records
Address: 2-12-18 Tsurumaki Setagaya Tokyo 1540016 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3426-6158

Tings & Time Records
SHOP URL: http://tingsandtime.shop-pro.jp/

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